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Why Does Bail Exist?

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Bail exists to help balance the justice system. The purpose of bail is to let recently arrested defendants leave police custody and jail so they can return home to their loved ones and go back to work, spend time with family, and go about as much of their regular life as possible. It is not […]

Over-Posting on Social Media While Vacationing?

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Posting pics on social media has become synonymous to traveling and vacationing. We love to show our friends and family the cool places we are visiting, the delicious food we are eating, and all of the fun we are having while they are stuck at work. You may have so many photos to choose from […]

Now You Have To Be 21 or Older To Buy Cigarettes

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If you are between 18 and 20 years of age, and recently tried to buy cigarettes at the same store you have legally purchased cigarettes from in the past only to be denied the transaction, it is because California raised the legal smoking age from 18 to 21, and the new law just went into […]

No Child, or Pet, Left Behind

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The sun is starting to beat down on us here in Southern California and it sure feels nice when you are out at the beach or a park. However, it certainly does not feel nice when you are young child or pet locked inside a sealed car. Each year we hear about deaths or near-deaths […]

California Passes Law that makes Driving Selfies Illegal

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Ever since “selfies” became a thing they’ve succeeded in taking over our lives (at least when it comes to social media). Here in California, “Driving Selfies” have become super popular, as we rank as the state with the most Instagram posts with the hashtag #DrivingSelfies. Not exactly something to be proud of, especially considering that […]

Drinking and Driving – A Dangerous and Often Deadly Combination

Drinking and Driving - A Dangerous and Often Deadly Combination

Last month over the Labor Day weekend alone, there were 2,017 DUI arrests and 30 people killed in alcohol related traffic accidents….and that was only here in California. Nationwide, alcohol-related highway crashes accounted for 13,365 deaths in 2010, according to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics. This equates to 3 people every two hours killed […]

Why You Should Not Reach for Your License and Car Registration Until the Officer Asks for It

When you are pulled over for a standard traffic stop, the police officer is not allowed to search your vehicle, unless you give them reason to. If you are pulled over, keep in mind that the cops are shining their lights into your car. They can see your movements even if they are still in […]

Factors Determining Bail

California judges have what is called a bail schedule, which they follow whenever they are required to determine the amount of bail for a defendant. For the record, all states have different bail schedules. The bail schedule is reviewed and modified as necessary yearly. Besides following the bail schedule, the judge will also consider the […]

False Arrests and False Imprisonments

Everyone makes mistakes, and some are bigger than others. False arrests and false imprisonments are some of those huge mistakes and they are heartbreaking to hear. I think everyone can agree that we want to reduce the number of false arrests and imprisonments and reverse as many of those mistakes as possible. Anyone falsely arrested […]

Do Not Be Afraid of a Checkpoint

There is a good chance you, or someone you know, will come across a DUI checkpoint sometime in your life, and that time may be during 4th of July Weekend. Unless you are driving while under the influence, have a gun, or are running away from just committing a crime, you have nothing to worry […]