Vital Role and Responsibilities of a Bail Bond Co-Signer

Bail bond co-signers play a vital role in the bail bond process. Some bail bonds can be dependent on having one or more co-signers. If the defendant fails to get the required number of co-signers, then they ultimately cannot get bailed out of jail.

Co-signers are responsible for seeing that the defendant shows up for court appointments. Whether that is just reminding them with a phone call ahead of time, or picking them up and driving them to court, it is up to the co-signer to see they make it to court. Even if it means they literally chase after them down the street to bring them to court, then so be it. But if the defendant misses a court appointment, there are repercussions not only for them, but also for the co-signer as well.

However, if for one reason or another the co-signer comes ...

Will Paying a Bail Bond Affect My Credit Score?

If you or a loved one is ever arrested, whether or not anyone is guilty, the first step is to of course post bail. However one concern that many often have is, will posting bail affect my credit score?

The short answer is no. However there are certain instances where we may have to check your credit. If we do in fact need to check your credit, we will always ask permission first. But as long as you make your bail payments on-time, or if you’ve decided to pay with a credit card, as long as you continue to pay your credit card payments on-time, posting bail will not adversely affect your credit score.

We here at Bulldog Bail Bonds accept various forms of payment including: cash, check, credit, and debit...

Important Things to Know When Getting a Bail Bond

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Applying for a bail bond is a fast and easy process, but there is little room for error. We at Fresno Bail Bonds Store have been successfully bailing individuals out of jail for nearly 30 years, and we will definitely help you too. However, we need you to make sure everything goes smoothly.

    1. Know the name, birthdate, county of arrest, and contact information of the defendant. Do not get the contact information wrong.
    1. Know the crime he or she was arrested for, and where he or she is being held.
    1. Have co-signers ready, if not you, in case they are needed.
    1. Make sure your loved one goes to all court dates.
    1. Stay on top of the bail bond payments...

Bail Bonds Are for Adults Only

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When an 18 year old is arrested, their legal process is much different than someone who is 17 or younger. 18 is the age when a person becomes a legal adult, responsible for his or her own actions. Their parents or guardians are no longer legally required to be responsible for them, though we know they will be because that is what parents do. So if someone who is 18 or over is arrested, the parents are not obligated to help bail them out of jail. In fact, they do not even have to be notified of the arrest.

However, when someone 17 or younger is arrested, the parents are involved. The minor is released to their parents, but not by the means of bail. Bail is reserved for adults...

Under Kaitlyn’s Law It Is Illegal to Leave a Child Unattended in a Hot Car

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While you may only be running into the store or house for a few minutes, always be sure to take your child with you. Even just a few minutes in a locked, hot car, can be deadly. In addition to putting a child’s life in danger, you could also be arrested for endangerment and cruelty in the state of California, under ‘Kaitlyn’s Law‘ (California V C Section 15620).

Just two weeks ago right here in Fresno, an 11-month old child died after being left in a car for more than an hour. The child was the first to die from vehicular heatstroke in California this year. However this type of tragic event still continues to happen far too often.

Kaitlyn’s law applies to all children under the age of six, however it’s recommended to take any child, regardless of the cut off age stated in the law, with y...

Do You Know How to Pick a Good Bail Agent to Help You Bail Out Your Loved One?

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If one of your friends or family members got arrested, would you know how to help him or her? Bailing a friend or family out of jail can be scary and intimidating if you use the wrong bail bonds company. Some companies love it when their clients are scared and confused since it makes taking advantage of those clients easier for them. At Fresno Bail Bonds Store, we believe in a different strategy.

We believe in honesty, integrity, and treating our clients with the dignity and respect that they deserve. We take care of our clients, answer all of their questions, and do everything we can to make the bail bonds experience easier for them. We want you to be relaxed and happy when you work with us, we want your experience with us to be a pleasant one.

Do not be afraid to ask our bail agents ques...

Be Careful What You Post On Social Media it could get you Arrested

Social media these days has become such an integral part of our technologically driven society. What was once an online source for fun and relationship-keeping between friends and family, has now grown to be a useful tool for businesses and government services. Social media has done a lot to make our lives better. That being said, be careful what you post on social media as it very well could get you arrested.

Most people already know not to post wild, party-crazy photos on social media when trying to land a new job. This extends to posting any photos that show you doing something illegal, like drugs, threatening someone with violence, trespassing, or defacing national park rocks and trees...

Can I Travel While Out On Bail?

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Undoubtedly you have some kind of travel plans for this summer, whether you made them way in advance or last minute. There is no way you are going to miss out on these epic moments with your best friends. There is nothing that can stop you, right?

You may be wrong.

You neglected to mention that you are currently out on bail because you were recently arrested by the police.

So the question is; can you travel while out on bail?

The answer is not so simple of an answer for everyone. Some people will be allowed to travel without restrictions, while others will be limited to where and how far they can travel, and other some will not be allowed to travel at all...

Bail Bonds Are Simple

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Contrary to popular belief, understanding the bail bond process is quite simple. Of course there is going to be a fair share of legal print, but overall, it is very understandable. We will go over the basics right now for you.

Question: What is a bail bond for?
Answer: A bail bond is a written promise that the defendant will pay a fixed amount of money for his or her release from jail. The fixed amount in California will be 10% of the full bail amount.

Question: Does the 10% need to be paid up front before the defendant can be released?
Answer: No. The bail bond company will calculate a workable payment plan; the defendant will be released from jail and following that, payments on the bail bond will continue to be made.

Question: What are the conditions of a bail bond?
Answer: The defendan...