Be Careful What You Post On Social Media it could get you Arrested

Social media these days has become such an integral part of our technologically driven society. What was once an online source for fun and relationship-keeping between friends and family, has now grown to be a useful tool for businesses and government services. Social media has done a lot to make our lives better. That being said, be careful what you post on social media as it very well could get you arrested.

Most people already know not to post wild, party-crazy photos on social media when trying to land a new job. This extends to posting any photos that show you doing something illegal, like drugs, threatening someone with violence, trespassing, or defacing national park rocks and trees. Aside from the obvious fact that you shouldn’t be partaking in any illegal activities in the first place, it is also up to you as a law abiding citizen to be aware of exactly what the laws are.

Here are a couple of perfect examples of being unaware of the law and posting self incriminating photos on social media. Recently a 23 year-old Southern California woman was given 2 years’ probation and 200 hours of community service for defacing rocks in multiple national parks. Earlier this year, in a separate incident, singer/actress Vanessa Hudgens was fined for the same thing. Both were caught because they posted photos of their “artwork” on their social media accounts.

These particular instances are not violent crimes, but nonetheless are against the law. So just keep in mind that what you post on social media can potentially get you in trouble with the law, or even arrested.



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