Please Don’t Resist Arrest – Even If You’re Innocent

Whether we like it or not, human error is a part of living in society. It doesn’t mean that it’s okay, but in many situations it is unavoidable. However one of the situations where we can help reduce the chance of human error, is our interaction with law enforcement.

If you believe you are being wrongfully arrested, it is important to know that you should still not resist law enforcement. It may be proven later on that yes, you were wrongfully arrested; however if you resist arrest and cause issue with the police, then you may have charges filed against you (possible charges include resisting arrest and even assault/battery on a police officer, if the encounter turned especially physical).

So even if you feel that you are wrongfully being arrested, we highly recommend that you still listen to and follow the directions given by the law enforcement officer. Let your lawyer figure out the legal implications and whether or not you were wrongfully arrested.

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