Questions about Payments

Questions about Payments

Questions about Payments

When it comes to bailing someone out of jail, most people have a lot of questions. Here at Bulldog Bail Bonds in Clovis, we have heard, and answered, all sorts of questions. The part of bail that causes the most concern amongst our clients, is paying for it. People have a lot of questions relating to paying for a bail bond, and so we’ve compiled a list of those questions, and their answers, to make things easier for you.

  • How much does a bail bond cost? How much a bail bond costs is dependent on how much your loved one’s bail is set at. Our bail bonds cost 10% of the bail they are for. This means that a $20,000 bail will have a $2,000 bail bond.
  • Are there any discounts? Yes, we do offer discounts for qualified clients...

What Is the Booking Process Like?

What Is the Booking Process Like?

What Is the Booking Process Like?

When it comes to arrests and bail, most people have a lot questions. For instance, many people wonder what happens when a person is arrested. They often expect the arrest to happen quickly, however that is rarely the case. There is a whole process to booking someone into jail and it usually takes some time to complete.

The booking process proceeds as follows:

  1. Information is recorded. When a person is brought into a police station, their information is recorded. This includes things such as why the person was arrested, as well as their name, birthday, and home address.
  2. Picture time. Next the person’s mug shot is taken. The picture is important for identifying two different people who may share the same name...

Posting Bail Is Easier than Dealing with the DMV

Posting Bail Is Easier than Dealing with the DMV

Posting Bail Is Easier than Dealing with the DMV

There are several things in life that people would rather not do. Most people would rather avoid going to the dentist, everyone hates going into the DMV and no one ever wants to consider that they will need to post bail. Unfortunately, despite a person’s best efforts, many of these things are unavoidable.

When it comes to bail, even if a person themselves avoids ever getting arrested, someone they know may not be so lucky. If you care about that person, then you’ll want to post his bail. The easiest way to do that is by contacting Bulldog Bail Bonds in Clovis. Since 1987, we have helped the people of California deal with the unpleasantness of bail and shown them there is nothing to be afraid of.

Here at Bulldog Bail Bonds in Clovis, our bail agents know everything about bail...

Bailing Someone out of Jail Doesn’t have to Be Difficult

Bailing Someone out of Jail Doesn’t have to Be Difficult

Bailing Someone out of Jail Doesn’t have to Be Difficult

Doing anything for the first time can be difficult. Nowhere else is this more prominent than when a person is dealing with an arrest for the first time. Getting sent to jail is not fun, and most people can understand why. In jail, a person loses their freedom, and no one wants that. This is why people try to post bail as quickly as they can.

Unfortunately for many people here in California, bail costs several thousands of dollars for even the smallest of crimes. This puts the option of bail out of reach of most individuals. However, this doesn’t have to stop someone from posting bail. This just means that they will need help. Preferably from a professional bail bond company. This is where Bulldog Bail Bonds in Clovis comes into play.

Since 1987, Bulldog Bail Bonds in Clovis has hel...

It Doesn’t Matter if You Weren’t Prepared for an Arrest

It Doesn’t Matter if You Weren’t Prepared for an Arrest

It Doesn’t Matter if You Weren’t Prepared for an Arrest

Try as people might, it is impossible to be prepared for everything. Most people probably think they are prepared for their day when they wake up in the morning. They know exactly how the day will go and what to expect, or so they think. Unfortunately, life has a way of throwing surprises at people.

One surprise that no one is ever prepared for is the arrest of a loved one. No one ever expects that a loved one will get arrested, and so no one is ever prepared to deal with the aftermath. Luckily, there are professionals out there who can help. All a person has to do is contact Bulldog Bail Bonds in Clovis.

Since 1987, Bulldog Bail Bonds in Clovis has helped thousands of people post bail in California. We can help you too...

New Laws For 2017


Every January 1st, a whole bunch of new laws go into effect in California. The new laws this year include the following:

• Minimum wage: any business that employs 26 or more people will be raising their minimum wages to $10.50, up $0.50 per hour. By 2022, it will be $15.
• Gun laws: anyone who previously owned magazines that hold more than 10 rounds are required to surrender them. Anyone who wishes to purchase ammunition must pass a background check each time. Just like civilians, law enforcement officers are required to securely store their handguns in a lockbox out of plain view.
• Cell phone use while driving: any app usage on a cell phone is prohibited while driving. The current law references texting only, but the new law expands to include GPS mapping, and social media.
• Epipens:...

“New Year, New Me”


“New Year, New Me.” This is an all too familiar phrase around this time of year. It is cliché, but face it, it is still very applicable and could not be worded any better. There is never a time you should not focus on yourself, and work on making yourself a better person every day. Some people have a longer way to go than others. There will be mishaps and mistakes along the way but, that is the challenge to make yourself better.

Obstacles come in all sizes. Even if you came across one of the largest hurdles in life, you can still get over it. Hypothetically: you are arrested. How are you going to get through this?

• Take responsibility and accept your situation. This will make getting through it, easier and faster.
• Inform your inner circle of the situation.
• Post bail with a bai...

No Resolution Is Too Late to Start


It is not January 1 anymore, but you can still come up with some 2017 resolutions. It is never too late to set goals and commit to them. Whether it is something you try every year, like eating better and working out more, or something that is quite the challenge, like breaking bad habits and putting yourself in uncomfortable yet good-for-you situations.

Touching more on the latter example, say you are one to drink and drive. You have never been caught and you have never blown it, but frankly, you cannot keep doing this. So this is the year you kick that bad habit of feeling invincible when you really are not. In addition to not drinking and driving, consider forcing yourself to drink less...

Did You Know There Is Still Time?


Do you realize that there is still time to get your loved one out of jail in time for Christmas? The bail bond process is really short and simple. With a good bail agent, like the ones that can be found at Clovis Bail Bond Store, your loved one can be released from jail the same day you get the bail process started.

Good bail agents begin working for their clients right away, they do not make them sit around and wait. The more information you have ready to go at the start, the faster the bail bond process can be finished. The more information you have, the better, but any good bail agent should be able to help you with just your loved one’s name, birthday, and county of arrest.

At Clovis Bail Bond Store, once the bail bond process is started, our professional bail agents can have your...

Support New Year’s Resolutions by Posting Bail


New Years is the best time of the year for everyone to begin the fresh start they have been waiting for. The phrase; “new year, new me” is definitely cliché, but nonetheless true to all. This is the time to reflect on our past year, and to set goals on how we can make the New Year better. It is a new chance for everyone, and everyone deserves to celebrate the new them, the right way.

Do not exclude your loved one who is in jail because of a small mistake they made. We are confident they have already started to really think about their actions, and the consequences they are facing. They know they have to rebuild trust and their reputation. Help them get started on this goal of theirs by bailing them out of jail with a bail bond from Clovis Bail Bond Store.

By helping them post bail,...