Considering a Fake Covid-19 Vaccination Card? Think Again


Everyone has an opinion about the COVID-19 vaccination options. Some people have opted to ignore the entire debate and simply purchase a fake Covid-19 vaccination card. This card “proves” that you were vaccinated against the virus and will therefore be granted admittance to places that only allow vaccinated individuals.

If you’re considering purchasing a fake Covid-19 vaccination card, you should think again. While it might seem like nothing more than a piece of paper to you if someone finds out that you’re using the fake vaccination record and reports you, the incident could negatively impact the rest of your life.

A fake vaccination record isn’t exactly difficult to come by. Healthline reported that on August 13, 2021 border patrol officers who were working customs seized over 120 packages that contained an excess of 3,000 fake vaccination cards. The plan was to sell these records to people for a nice profit.

Based on that single raid, it’s likely that there are hundreds of thousands of fake vaccination records available in the United States.

While you might think that presenting a fake Covid-19 vaccination record is harmless, the FBI disagrees. The FBI doesn’t care whether you’re vaccinated, but they do want people to know that lying about their vaccination status and carrying a fake vaccine card is a federal offense. They even issued a press release about the topic in May of 2021.

A naturopathic doctor in northern California recently learned how serious the FBI is when it comes to fake vaccine records. Juli A. Mazi didn’t just have a fake vaccine card, she was selling them to patients. She has been charged with both wire fraud and providing false statements.

While it’s accepted that purchasing or selling a fake vaccine card is a federal crime, there is some debate about a suitable punishment. Many feel that the issue should be compatible with wire and mail fraud. If you’re convicted of either of those charges the potential sentence could include 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine per count.

Don’t assume that the only way you’ll get into trouble is if someone gets sick because of your actions. You don’t have to contract COVID-19 or pass it on to another person to face federal charges. The very fact that you have a fake vaccination card is proof that intended to violate someone’s trust and are therefore breaking the law.

When it comes to your thoughts about the vaccination, it’s in your best interest to be honest about your vaccination status. Don’t try lying about it by purchasing fake vaccination records.