Finding Out If A Person Has An Arrest Warrant

Finding Out If A Person Has An Arrest Warrant

Whether you’re looking because you’re worried an arrest warrant has been filed against you or because you need to know about a person you’re dealing with, everyone has their own reasons for needing to know how to go about finding out if a person has an arrest warrant.

The most common reasons to find out if a person has an arrest warrant include:

✽ You want to know if the police are going to knock on your door
✽ You’re worried about what might happen if a traffic cop pulls you over
✽ You need to run a background check on a potential renter/employee

The good news is that it’s not difficult to find out if a person has an arrest warrant. All you need is a computer, a reliable internet connection, a third party website that deals with a criminal history, and some basic information about the person you’re researching.

The type of information you need to have when launching your search includes:

✽ The person’s full, legal name
✽ Their age
✽ And the state they’re located in

The only problem is that sometimes you’ll get information about a different person who has the same name and is the same age. If you suspect you’re looking at the arrest record of someone who isn’t the person you’re researching, you may have to whittle down the search by using a precise address. Once you’ve provided this basic information, you’ll discover an entire treasure trove of interesting information.

In addition to learning if the person has an arrest warrant, you’ll learn:

✽ When and where the criminal offenses took place
✽ What types of charges the person has dealt with
✽ The individual’s conviction history
✽ If they have any outstanding arrest warrants currently sworn out against them

The criminal history you uncover while trying to see if a person has an arrest warrant is complete though it might be more basic than what you’re looking for. If you don’t have a solid internet connection and know what counties are involved, you can contact the county clerk directly and ask them if you or a person you’re investigating has any arrest warrants. The county clerk should be able to tell you if there are any outstanding arrest warrants and also some basic information about the cases.

While you’ll be able to find out if a person has an arrest warrant and criminal history, there are some situations where the county clerk will be unable to provide much information. Traditionally they’ll be hesitant to provide details about cases that involve:

✽ Domestic violence
✽ Juveniles
✽ Cases that involve family law
✽ Cases that are under intense investigation

This is where Bulldog Bail Bonds in Madera comes in to help. We provide free warrant checks for anyone who needs one. All you need to do is talk to one of our bail agents, and provide us with your name, birthday, and the county where you think the warrant was issued. If it is in a county where we can look for our clients, we will. If we cannot check-in that county, we will let you know how to find out for yourself.

Here is a list of counties where we can check for warrants:

Fresno County
Kern County
Orange County
Riverside County
Sacramento County
San Bernardino County
Stanislaus County
Contra Costa County
Tulare County – We will also need the case number for warrants in this county.
And sometimes, we can do warrant checks in:
Kings County
San Joaquin County

If you need to check for a warrant in any of these counties, we will be more than happy to help you. Unfortunately, we are not able to check for warrants in all counties due to each county having different rules when it comes to warrants. This is why we can check for warrants in one county, but not another.

No matter what your situation is, Bulldog Bail Bonds in Madera will do whatever we can to assist you with your situation. Talk to our professional bail agent and get your questions answered.