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Who Can Co-Sign for Bail

One of the first questions we frequently get in our free bail bond consultations is who can co-sign for the bail bond. The answer depends on a few different things. Legally speaking, anyone can co-sign for the bail bond. Over the years, we’ve seen all sorts of people step in as co-signers, including the following:

✨ Siblings

✨ Spouses

✨ Cousins

✨ Adult children

✨ Employers

✨ Co-workers

✨ Business

partners The biggest rule bail bond agencies like us have to follow is that the co-signer does have to be a legal adult who is capable of making their own decisions and who is acting of their own free will. If we get even the faintest hint that the person is being coerced or isn’t completely comfortable with the situation, we will reject them. Complete strangers don’t offer to co-sign for a bail bond. It simply isn’t done. One of the questions we ask is what the connection to the person they’re co-signing for is. We’ll also likely ask a few questions about your history together. While there’s nothing that strictly prohibits a stranger from co-signing for a bail bond, it is considered suspicious, and we will turn them away. We do have a few rules when it comes to a co-signer. The first is that we prefer that they have a full-time job or are at least able to demonstrate that they have a steady stream of income coming in that would. We also sometimes require that they own property that can be used as collateral. The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re looking for someone who is willing to co-sign for you is that they are willing to talk to us. We will want to have a conversation with them so we can make sure they understand exactly how big a responsibility they are taking on. In addition to the financial aspects of co-signing for a bail bond, they will also have to be aware of any bail restrictions you have and make sure that you’re able to attend all of your court dates.

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What is Bail Surrender

Bail surrender isn’t often discussed, even though it is an important aspect of the bail process.

Bail surrender happens when you decide that you want to return to jail. There are a few reasons for this, including:

✨ You have a difficult time adhering to the bail restrictions
✨ You know you’re going to be arrested for other crimes
✨ You’ve skipped out on bail
✨ Something has happened that makes you think you’re better off in jail than out on bail

There are two ways you can surrender bail. The first is for you to go directly to jail and turn yourself in. The person who handles the booking will file all the paperwork, enter you back into the inmate system, and contact the bail bond agency that posted your bail.

The other method for surrendering bail happens when someone has attempted to flee. In this scenario, you contact the bail bond agency yourself and let them know where you’re located. They will find you and return you to jail. When you use this process for bail surrender, you’ll be charged for the costs the bail bond agency racked up in their effort to retrieve you.

The good news is that as long as you follow the restrictions connected to your bail and are diligent about attending all of your court appearances, bail surrender isn’t something you’ll likely have to worry about. If you do start to feel an overwhelming amount of pressure and aren’t sure you’re able to follow the restrictions, we urge you to contact us right away. We promise that we’ll treat you with patience, compassion, and understanding while you explain what you’re going through. Once you’ve talked the situation out, we’ll explain your options and allow you to decide if bail surrender is the right choice.

We have had a few situations where it’s actually the co-signer who wants to surrender the bail bond. In most cases, this happens because the co-signer suddenly realizes how much responsibility they have taken on and are no longer comfortable. When this happens, we strongly urge you to get in contact with us right away so we can discuss the situation and really explore your options.

Bulldog Bail Bonds in Clovis has spent the past several decades writing bail bonds for people just like you. We’re pleased to report that thanks to our compassionate customer service, our clients always feel comfortable talking to us. We work hard to make sure everyone who signs one of our contracts understands exactly what their rights and responsibilities are.

We’re available 24/7, so feel free to contact us whenever it’s convenient for you.