The Police Need a Warrant to Search Your Cell Phone

Some people may not know this, but the police actually do need a warrant to search your cell phone. Just like your car or your home, your cell phone is your personal property and can contain extremely sensitive information. Think about what you use your cell phone for everyday: text messages, photos, social media, email, web surfing, and more. If the police want to search through your phone usage and content, they need a warrant, unless you give them permission to do so without a warrant. Also, so you are aware, the police are not allowed to delete anything off your phone.

You have the right to tell a police officer that they cannot search your phone unless they have a warrant. If they come back with one and end up arresting you, you also have the right to remain silent, the right to have a lawyer, and the right to bail. Have a loved one of yours contact Fresno Bail Bond Store so you can get your bail bond posted faster than you could with cash bail.

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