How Can a Defendant Get Out of Jail?

Someone who is arrested has been accused of a crime. They are legally considered innocent until proven guilty in court, but their trial in court may not happen for some time after their arrest. What happens to the accused during this time? It is not fair to keep the accused in custody unless they are considered danger to the community, or they are likely to flee before their trial. If the defendant is deemed safe, he or she has the opportunity to post bail and be released from custody.

A defendant can post bail by paying the entire bail by him or herself, or with the help of loved ones. They will need to turn over 100% of the bail cost before they can actually be released, but this is refundable later on as long as they show up for their scheduled court date.

The second way a defendant and his or her loved ones can post bail is by hiring a professional bail agent whom the defendant pays only 10% of the bail amount. They will have a flexible payment plan to follow that will continue after the defendant is released. The defendant and his or her loved ones may need to pledge collateral as backup, but this collateral will be returned as long as they show up for their scheduled court dates.

Most people who are in this type of situation will post bail with a bail bond because it is more flexible and carries less financial hardship and stress. The best case scenario for being released from jail is own recognizance. This is where the defendant does not have to pay any money or pledge any collateral. They merely sign legal papers promising to show up for court, and then they can walk out. To be released on own recognizance, the judge must consider a person to be a good and honest person who simply made one little mistake. This person would not have any sort of criminal record, and shows that he or she is responsible.

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