What to Do During an Evacuation

What to Do During an Evacuation

In the state of California, wildfires are fairly common. The weather and climate here makes it easy for wildfires to spread and grow out of control. Due to this fact, it is important that everyone know what they need to do in case they ever need to evacuate due to a fire.

Before an evacuation is ever ordered, or a fire has even begun to spread, it is important to have things prepared. This way, if an evacuation is ordered, you will be ready to handle it. Cal Fire recommends creating an evacuation checklist. This will help ensure you grab everything important in the event of an evacuation. Some of the things that should be included on this list are:

• Necessary medications
• Important papers and photos
• Essential valuables
• Transport for pets and/or livestock and some food for those animals
• Spare clothes
• Toiletries
• Cell phone
• An evacuation map with at least 2 routes on it

In the event that a fire breaks out, and an evacuation may be ordered for your area, use your evacuation list and begin grabbing everything on it. Pack up your car, and have it facing out of the driveway. Keep pets close by in case an evacuation is ordered.

Once an evacuation is ordered, follow the instructions of local law enforcement agencies.

No one wants to leave there home and risk never seeing it again due to a fire. However, leaving is the best thing to do. It helps keep you safe and out of the way so emergency officials can do their job.