Don’t Forget Your Pets

Don’t Forget Your Pets

It’s that time of year where traveling, shopping, and stressing over family gatherings are a typical thing. With this being a stressful time, folks often forget about their furry companions.

For starters, Christmas trees and pets can be a dangerous combination. Cats have a tendency to chew, and play with the ornaments and tree. If a tree isn’t anchored properly, it can fall over and do some serious damage.

Tinsel can also be a hazard for pets as well. With tinsel being shiny, pets may be tempted to try to eat it. Cats and dogs are thrilled to chew bits and pieces of the glittering decoration. The same applies to having holly or mistletoe in the house as well. Both holly and mistletoe are poisonous to your pets, so you may want to opt for the fake kind.

Try to avoid over feeding pets this holiday season. Sure it’s fun to sneak them the occasional leftover piece of meat. However, what may be okay for humans to eat, may not be okay for a pet. Also don’t spoil your pet with treats. Treats may be safe for your pet in moderation, but should not be given in substitution for a meal.

If you ever doubt what is safe for your pet this holiday season, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recommends getting in contact with a veterinarian.