What Do I Do When Someone I Care About Is Arrested?


When someone you care about has been arrested, you undoubtedly want to help out. This means that you will probably want to bail your loved one out of jail. When it comes to bail, you have 2 options:

• You can pay a cash bail, which will be the full amount of your loved one’s bail.

• You can get a bail bond, which will only cost 10% of your loved one’s bail.

At Bulldog Bail Bonds, we help our clients bail their loved ones out of jail with affordable bail bonds. Bailing a loved one out of jail is extremely easy when you have our bail agents assisting you.

To get the bail process started, all you need to do is talk to one of our bail agents. You can do that online, over the phone, or in person, whichever method works best for you. Our helpful bail agents will be more than happy to walk...

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost in California?


Are you looking to bail a friend or family member out of jail, but are worried about the cost? Do not fret, Bulldog Bail Bonds can help you out. We have been making bail bonds cheap and affordable for Californians for the last 30 years.

In California, all bail bonds start out as 10% of the person’s bail. This means that if your loved one’s bail is set at $10,000, his or her bail bond will only cost $1,000. This is the standard price set by the state of California, however, some bail bond companies can offer you a discount.

At Bulldog Bail Bonds, we are able to offer qualified clients a 20% discount on the price of the bail bond. What this means is, instead of paying 10% of the bail, you only pay 8%...

How Do I Choose a Bail Agent?


Choosing the right bail agent is a very important task, your loved one’s freedom hangs in the balance. So, how do you do it? It is not like they teach you how to do this in school. Luckily, Bulldog Bail Bonds is here to help you.

When looking at a bail agent, you need to consider how much experience he or she has. The longer someone has been in the business, the better that bail agent probably is. The more time you spend bailing people out of jails, the more you learn about the bail process. Bail agents who have been working at their job for years, have learned hundreds of little tricks that help speed up the bail bond process, or make it easier for you.

You also want to find a bail agent that can actually help you in your area...

How to Deal With Getting Pulled Over By the Cops

Visalia Bail Bond Store

Visalia Bail Bond Store

Getting pulled over by the police is always, on some level, nerve-racking, whether you know what the reason for getting pulled over is or not. Maybe you are drinking and driving, or maybe you do not know that your taillight is out. You do not want to make a wrong move, but you also do not want to look nervous to the point that you look suspicious.

Hopefully these tips will help you out if you get pulled over:

    • Pull over in a safe place as soon as possible.
    • Turn off your car.
    • Turn your inside lights on.
    • Roll down the window when the officer approaches.
    • Do not make quick, sudden movements before the officer walks up, even if you are getting your license since reaching into your purse can raise suspicion.
    • Keep your hands on the wheel.
    • Retrieve your lice...

Detention and Arrest Are Different

Madera Bail Bond Store

Madera Bail Bond Store

Detention in school was simply staying late one day, and sitting in room with a handful of other students, and a teacher, either doing homework or nothing at all. Detention outside of school, when you are an adult, is not quite the same. This is when you are briefly stopped by the police and/ or taken to their precinct. They have reasonable suspicion to stop and ask you a few questions, but if you are not being arrested, then you may leave.

If the officer’s reasonable suspicion grows to probable cause, then he or she may arrest you, and then you may not leave until you are booked, arraigned and allowed bail, and then post bail. Only when bail is posted may you leave, but because you were arrested, you will have to deal with lawyers and trials too...

Probable Cause vs. Reasonable Suspicion

Fresno Bail Bond Store

Fresno Bail Bond Store

To you, reasonable suspicion and probable cause sound like they mean the same thing. However, to Fresno Bail Bond Store, the police, and the court, these have different, though similar, meanings.

    • Reasonable Suspicion:

      Reasonable assumption that a crime has taken place, is taking place, or will take place, based on a police officer’s professional training and experience. It is a broader educated guess that can lead to a probable cause.

  • Probable Cause:

    Probable cause is logical belief that a crime has taken place, is taking place, or will take place. The difference is that probable cause is much more heavily supported by hard, concrete facts and circumstances.

A person can be arrested because of probable cause, then they will need to appear in an arraignment, then they might b...

California Passes Law that makes Driving Selfies Illegal

Martinez Bail Bonds Store

Ever since “selfies” became a thing they’ve succeeded in taking over our lives (at least when it comes to social media). Here in California, “Driving Selfies” have become super popular, as we rank as the state with the most Instagram posts with the hashtag #DrivingSelfies.

Not exactly something to be proud of, especially considering that distracted driving accounted for 3,328 deaths in 2012, according to the CDC. Which is not as many as deaths that are caused by drinking and driving every year, however still way more than should be the case.

Hopefully most out-of-towners and vacationers are aware that it is illegal to be on a cell phone while driving in California, and that they must be using a some sort of a hands-free device at all times.

Whenever you get behind the wheel alwa...

Why You Should Not Reach for Your License and Car Registration Until the Officer Asks for It

Martinez Bail Bonds Store

When you are pulled over for a standard traffic stop, the police officer is not allowed to search your vehicle, unless you give them reason to.

If you are pulled over, keep in mind that the cops are shining their lights into your car. They can see your movements even if they are still in their cop car, so do not try and shove things under seats or throw things into the back seat. If you do this, the officer will likely see, thus giving them suspicion and even the right to search your car. In fact, you should not even reach for your license and registration until the officer asks for it. Rummaging around in your purse and glove box without the officer fully knowing can be alarming for them.

If you simply pull over to the side of the road as instructed, remain calm, and keep your hands on...

False Arrests and False Imprisonments

Martinez Bail Bonds Store

Everyone makes mistakes, and some are bigger than others. False arrests and false imprisonments are some of those huge mistakes and they are heartbreaking to hear. I think everyone can agree that we want to reduce the number of false arrests and imprisonments and reverse as many of those mistakes as possible.

Anyone falsely arrested or imprisoned can file a civil lawsuit against the person who committed this, whether it is against the police or a private individual. The main argument they hold is harm: damage to reputation and even physical harm. People who were falsely imprisoned can also claim more violations, because they lost so much freedom, time spent with family, and income...

Bail Bond Eligibility

Martinez Bail Bonds Store

Bail bonds get people out of jail. But they do not get everyone out of jail. Here are the requirements to being eligible for a bail bond.

    • You need to be 18 or older. Bail bonds are not available to any arrestee who is 17 or younger because these juveniles are not offered bail. They are released to their parents/ guardians.
    • The judge has to grant bail. Not every adult arrestee will be granted bail. For example, those accused of murder may more likely be held without bail. This means bail bonds cannot get you out of jail.
  • You, and anyone willing to help, will need to be able to afford the bail bond premium, which is 10% of whatever bail amount the judge ordered.

The third requirement should not be too hard, especially considering it is significantly less than paying the full...